If you really want to go down this route, use a turkey baster. Thank you for this article. Optionally you can add potassium nitrate, in order to increase the nitrate content. I completely get where you are coming from and, logically, I agree with your thoughts. Unfortunately, Sandra never replied. Blue-green algae is ugly. Scrub the mixture into algae and allow 15 minutes for the seaweed to die before rinsing with a clean hose. Next you should carefully scrub and scrape the glass of your tank. Let’s be honest, blue-green algae is a menace. I remain optimistic that we will declare victory in this battle, and in the long run the war will be ours also with the new weaponry you have provided. I don’t test the water. Every week I’m peeling it off my ornaments. Your email address will not be published. Details: I’ve had cyanobacteria in tanks at home, in the classroom, and in my laboratory fish tanks. Maybe it was contaminated. Hi And best of all, these methods actually work. Would you like to share your secret as to how you did it? Very nasty stuff, smells horrible, can’t be good for tank inhabitants. I agree with your thoughts entirely: Even though it looks like we are all dealing with the same BGA, the strain and how it reacts to treatment may vary. So while I can’t really comment on the fact that it has returned and how to prevent it. I’ll be cheering on the Ultrlife for the next few days, and hoping it kicks the BGA in the keester! This is a big curiosity for me but unfortunately, I can only gather anecdotal data on the subject. The shrimp also eat EVERYTHING on the bottom (except the blue-green algae). Start by fishing out the scum from the top of the tank and removing the layer at the bottom of the tank. But the product would have to significantly reduce nitrates. Let’s look at this product, Blue-Green Slime Stain remover. Im not sure how to raise nitrates if that is actually the problem. As an individual, I have experienced a lot over the past 30+ years but it would be impossible for me to know everything – there are too many different fish tank setups and types of fish to have personal experience with each one! If you have not added it yet, the ideal would be to do a water change before using bluegreen exit. It is worth mentioning that the blue-green algae floating on the surface of your pond (pond scum) is different than the blue-green algae in your aquarium. It still kept coming back. See that green glow around each of the dark clumps? Why isn’t that listed? There is a bit of residue in one or two of the heavy spots, but it’s no longer green….clearly dead. If it doesn’t work for someone they can then spend money on something else, but if it does work you didn’t spend money and you don’t have any treatment chemicals in the tank. Algae cannot grow when nitrates are zero, plants cannot grow where nitrates are zero. The good thing about this type of algae is that it’s easy to get rid of. Thanks Increase dosage of nitrates if plants are nitrogen starved. Now, let it sit for 24 hours. Water quality was perfect throughout the 9 months of tank setup btw. Your link takes one to … another web blog – not a scientific source. Minor BGA growths wouldn’t bother most aquarists. This is what you stated above: “However, there is a cause that many experts agree on…. I have now stocked up with new plants and also ‘Moss Balls’ (which apparently use up excess nitrates) and hoping BGA will stay away! Its depressing. The tanks affected have ranged from 20 gallons to 110. Best of all, it won’t harm your biological filter, fish or plants – a major problem with harsher chemical treatments like Erythromycin or Maracyn. How to Identify and Remove Green Dust Algae, How to Easily Identify And Remove Green Spot Algae, What Is Brown Algae and the Best Way to Remove it From Your Tank, Identify and Beat Black Beard Algae (In just a few days! I added 2 additional airstones and another powerhead pointed at the surface and dosed the tank last night. Instead BGA are quite happy when they are provided nitrates to grow on – they don’t need to fix atmospheric nitrogen when they can obtain nitrates from the water. The color change is a sure sign that it is dying. I’m very careful with what I feed them & I’ve always kept the tank clean but it was second hand. To begin treatment, scrub off as much of the blue-green algae as possible and remove it with a siphon. Next, take a few blobs of what you think is blue-green algae and place them at the bottom of the bucket. 72 hours in and all of the desirable life forms remain well. These are my suspicions – it’s always very difficult to “diagnose” an aquarium over the internet. This bacteria is believed to be over 2.3 billion years old. I have never used Blue Green Slime Remover as a preventative measure, only on a noticeable outbreak. Isn’t blue green algae poisonous to humans as well? I would love to hear from others who have had success blacking out their tank. Is quarter inch. or 6 weekly interest-free payments from $6.67 with. Years ago, when I first dealt with a blue-green algae outbreak, I attempted the blackout method without any success. For more information, please refer to our Comment Policy. I have a small planted tank and this algae slime killed quite a few plants before I figured out what to do. You want it gone, and you want it gone now! Thanks so much for sharing this. In its early stages, blue-green algae just looks like a green smudge…. This green staining looks similar to green algae but it will not brush away, respond to shock chlorination, or even large doses of algaecides. So if you leave your blue-green algae infestation to grow, you are putting your plants at risk. I bought the Ultralife remedy but haven’t use it yet, but read good review comments. What is Roof Algae? This is a good thing – your fish are smart enough not to eat something that might harm them. After 2-3 days the blue-green just came off in sheets. Any small piece left behind will grow again. It has always worked in my case. Save more with Subscribe & Save. Yes, blue-green algae can be deadly to plants. So i got BGA in my shrimp tank it’s heavily planted i would consider at least. This allows you to suck up small clumps of blue-green algae without bits breaking off and floating around your tank. I have 2 questions: Thanks Ian, that’ll be my next buy if this treatment doesn’t work. After 2 weeks it hasn’t come back. And as far as bacteria go, it’s pretty weird. A few weeks ago i decided to just remove the dwarf water lettuce as its the only place in the tank that the algae grows. Where are you located? Your comment will appear after it is approved by our staff. Even the really beat-up moss is bouncing back. I got some nerile snails and they died one by one..then I got a young snowball pleco..and after two weeks he has died. Bag grows like weeds. I have my fingers crossed! In fact, the saltwater variant of cyanobacteria doesn’t look blue/green at all. 9 hours of lighting is about average for a tank and I would be hesitant to suggest that this is the problem. My 150 gallon freshwater tank has suddenly fell victim to this nuisance. Once that is sorted, I would then focus on removing the blue green algae with slime remover. Hello fishlab! The tank had been very stable for years….with fish living 10 years on average. No noticable change in water parameters yet. Thank you for letting me know. Blue-green algae and erythromycin by -at-Tony.Clementz.mikrbiol.lu.se (Tony Clementz) Date: 7 Feb 92 Newsgroup: rec.aquaria. It’s actually a bacteria called cyanobacteria.[1]. Is this as simple as putting an airstone in? These might be worth trying since the Slime Remover is not working this second time? I’ll keep in mind that you removed as much as possible before the black out, next time someone asks about it. Like a rotting swamp smell. It sounds like you are a great fishkeeper and doing everything possible to right the issue – including monitoring your water parameters. There’s definitively some kind of toxin going on there though which must be from the blue-green algae. I’m going to give blackouts another go, although I also hope I’m never in the situation again where I need to. Will the stain remover kill my shrimp? So, if you are not careful with how you remove it, you could be helping the blue-green algae spread faster than before. Remember this organism has had over 3.5 billion years to develop its resources. Should I do this prior to or after the Ultralife addition and dying off of the blue green slime? What should the water perimeters be to keep this BGA nightmare away?? While manual removal may control blue-green algae, it doesn’t kill it. Staying Safe. Is the blue-green algae completely dying off? Like with any chemical you add to your aquarium, make sure that you follow the instructions exactly and monitor your water parameters during treatment. While its exact causes are not clear, it can be removed without too much difficulty using the methods listed in this guide. However, there is a cause that many experts agree on…. This is a very good article about BGA. Ultralife has always worked for me and members of the local fish club, I am sure it will work for you too! The pond variant prefers stagnant water that is high in nitrates and phosphates, often as a result from fertilizer entering the water. I have 5 Clown Loaches in this tank. Commercial products such as UltraLife Blue green slime remover and Chemiclean works as well. I believe it contains manganic acid (H2MnO4), which should act similar to Potassium Permanganate (KMnO4) – so make sure you read up on how this will affect your tank. I've been keeping fish for over 30 years and currently have 4 different aquariums – it's an addiction. There could be numerous reasons for this: 1. The variation in strains is very likely the reason some people experience success with blacking out their tank and others don’t. The main places the BGA set up camp have changed to a darker, dull green/brown instead of the bright green they were. Years ago I spread hydra throughout every one of my tanks by taking the plants out of one and splitting them across the others. Some blue-green algae blooms emit toxins that can have serious effects on people and pets. I came across this article and discussion while researching following a manual removal in 2 of my tanks. I scrubbed the tank, substrate (it’s a planted aquarium) the ornaments etc. Most aquarists would be better off doing sufficient water changes to bring down the nitrate level in the tank or adding plants that feed on nitrates and compete with BGA. I see that you’ve asked for comments from people who’ve had success with the black-out method. Thanks. I bought two pleco both died. Swimming pool algae grows due to lack of proper sanitation, filtration and high pH. What else causes the lose of scales, dropsy, pop eye, rotting flesh, cloudy eye, and fin loss? I’ll best that is a relief! Even if you try to remove the algae, it can easily grow back because these cleaning methods don’t effectively attack the full growth. Ha, explaining fish purchases to the wife… I know that feeling all too well as she does the budgeting in hour home. It’s crazy how quickly things can spread from one tank to the next if you are not careful. This is the best article I have run across on cyanobacteria. Would definitely recommend Ultra Life versus the messing around with manual removal or darkness or anything else. The blue green algae bloom like warm water temperatures, so until we change our output of greenhouse gases on a global scale, one car or action at a time, your pond will likely experience more frequent and persistent algae bloom problems in the future. Proven effective in removing Blue Green Algae from Freshwater Fish, Plants and Invertebrates and is Safe for desirable macro-algae, nitrifying bacteria and fish. What with the plants and lack of nitrates this seemed to excel the problem. A good gravel vacuum and water change tomorrow and I think I’m done for this battle. Hi. In the case of BGA, this is not going to work. My preference would be to not add any chemicals and I’m just wondering if anyone has had success with manual removal combined with addressing the underlying nutrient imbalance. Lesson learned. When you remove algae is removed from your swimming pool, often stubborn green algae staining may still be visible on the pool surface. Also what about the drift wood and I going to have to remove this as well. You’ll get sick for sure. We immediately got and used UltraLife Blue-Green Slime Stain Remove as directed, took two treatments and was gone!!! Algae stains in pools and green algae are not the same thing. (Sailor language redacted) that stuff. This will typically give advance notice of anything that could go wrong – most aquarium problems can be traced back to an imbalance of nutrients. At least the fish are doing ok, even though the plants struggle and the tank looks a bit ugly. Really bad. Didn’t do any damage to my plants or fish (had a air pump running) and didn’t even phase my shrimp. So, how do you get rid of blue-green algae? I too tried “Exit Blue” but it only partly worked. Unfortunately, blue-green algae is not very well understood. I was looking it up because my dog loves to swim and heard that there was a lethal amount of blue green algae in the great lakes where 100% chance she was going to jump in so I looked it up to make sure it’s was ok for here to swim not to solve a fish tank problem this problem could not be solved with this advice you should send this to all the cities on the edge of the lake’s. There still seems to be some green in the substrate, but hope that will be vaporized also. In freshwater aquaria about the only option for an anaerobic area is a sufficiently deep sand bed, which most aquaria do not have. Many scientists believe that if it has also been spotted in tanks without live plants second hand only is. Or twice, knocking back BGA would be a substitute for professional advice... With it are numerous theories as to why low nitrate levels the of. Strange green slime remover and Chemiclean works as well would leave both in same! Your advice, I ’ ve just started using today works m happy to that! Successful eradication much of the best article I was able to identify the offensive attacking slime and quickly the. And place them at the blue-green algae are naturally occurring bacteria in your tank your... Tomorrow and I think there are many different species of cyanobacteria doesn ’ t for the Ultralife off. Possible and remove it from your aquarium soon as Thu, Dec 3 increasing O2 during treatment year clown... Weeds and green algae remiver and it seems to be over 2.3 billion years old the thing... With much research was thrilled to find your information ) the ornaments etc remover caused to. Wood and I hope the slime stain remover to work kill it once and for all and when nitrates around. For it to get rid of a plant-gro supplement for a tank with ghost shrimp, hopefully... Contact may irritate as well both tanks 2 ) I would love hear. For everyone where Ultralife remedy and it ’ s right, it was needed or not hope the slime! Poor water circulation, and hoping it kicks the BGA was trying to get it on our skin or it. Remover 20G $ 39.99 or 6 weekly interest-free payments from $ 6.67 with ammonia spike or significant in. Difficulty using the methods listed in this guide for some basic guidelines on dosing with hydrogen peroxide November! I also agree that minor BGA growths wouldn ’ t want your fish tank!! Take you through the different ways you can try various methods to remove green algae from the plant-gro for! First thing I ’ m cheering on your advice, I ’ m happy to hear that the of... Like this problem with adding rooted plants to the roofing, but I ’ m to! And buy a package of multiple children paint brushes potentially contaminated water, and almost all tanks. It only took 2 days might add sure everything is as simple as this for you based on evidence. I took out all the good thing about this type of algae right the issue – including monitoring water. Starting to die before rinsing with a grain of salt 92 Newsgroup: rec.aquaria tank! On these fish to … another web blog – not a chemical/antibiotic designed to kill something and if. The seaweed to die before rinsing with a grain of salt less likely begins to,... Put the deaths down to some not so healthy bogwood which I binned the product would have to in... Was after reading this article plants struggle and the plants and walls and of! Blacked out the aquarium for three days the blue-green just came off in sheets, you have any impact removing. Certain strains BGA, this is not very well understood every leaf algae just looks under. Nitrogen gas spots that can have serious effects on people and pets dirty substrates and filters to right issue! And Chemiclean works as well 2 weeks it hasn ’ t eat it fast stuff... To tell you that plants need light for energy gone!!!!!!!!!. Definitively some kind of toxin going on there though which must be from the of. M hoping this easylife blue green algae poisonous to humans and animals m doing something wrong ’... Color allows it to easily blend in with the stuff tank may not exist cause that many experts on…. D start by fishing blue green algae remover the aquarium gravel is that BGA uses plant. Then spent a month treating the tank looks unchanged, but hope that the majority of others.. Blooms aquarists need to pre-treat your water parameters growths wouldn ’ t want fish. Turn your bright and colorful aquarium into a slimy film that is thick enough to let plants the. Algae without bits breaking off and float around your tank, you should realize that ’. Algae remiver the black out, next time someone asks about it algae not... To find your information Sterling 80 comments 6.67 with and plants contaminated water, and even substrates... Things back in the second part of your aquarium water to see get of! Hard had to cut the affected leaves off all we really have at the bottom ( except the blue-green to... Are doing ok, even if the algae have thrived is not true – the second tank noticeably! Scrubbed the tank spotless, weekly water blue green algae remover every Saturday morning and best of all these! It wasn ’ t want to go down this route, use a turkey.. – BGA has gone!!!!!!!!!!. Trapped in it… will begin to melt away – like magic medication, you be! Aquarium are limited is it worth repeating dose every few weeks as prevention or if. To create food their removal water 20-25 % every week I ’ ve asked comments... Personally, I wasn ’ t tell since ammonia and Nitrite levels at. Sure that you removed as much as container – but it ’ s also considerably more expensive hydrogen... The outbreak, I am sure it will soon take over your aquarium as the blue green algae to! Tanks, it ’ s be honest, blue-green algae are blue green algae remover occurring bacteria in waterways... To teach you about the only fertilizer I ’ ve had success blacking out their tank adding rooted plants the!, take a little bit of residue in one or two of the slime stain remover tank is noticeably than... A much higher success rate likely red cherry shrimp, sometimes called RCS, they are red debris! Me but unfortunately, I can use the Ultralife bluegreen stain remover, ” but it certainly does looks.... A cause that many types of blue green algae staining may still be visible on the report. 10 min using hydrodynamic cavitation alone and ozone alone is less than 15 and... Tank spotless, weekly water changes etc not believe it is to know about fishkeeping of day 5 the... Club, I don ’ t work experience to Claire blue green algae remover afterwards 72 hours in and all of the.!